Tony’s cheap black drum kit

One more taken at Sean's ramshackle shed. TONY!!!!!!

SG power!!!

Another one taken at Sean's ramshackle shed.

Bass playing in action

Taken at Sean's ramshackle shed. I think so.

Mike and Scott’s place

Taken at Mike and Scott's place on Puget Street, high on something, obviously.

Sharon’s birthday party

Our friend had a birthday party at the Eastside Club in Olympia where we played and so did That Stupid…

Scott’s denim jacket

Scott drew this awesome logo onto his denim jacket, because that's what you did back in the day.

Us in the present tense

This is what we look like now. Or at least a couple of years ago.

Definitely a party!

This was at our friends Eric and Theresa's house in Olympia. I don't know the year.

Was this a party?

Maybe at a Confused?! party? I don't know. So many middle fingers.

The Trestle – Everett WA

Cool place to play. Great show first time we played there.