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Hamms Beer Bear

Drugs: you know I love ’em! We reminisce about them in this episode, in particular LSD. Thrill to the spectacle of a guy laying across a footbridge at Tacoma’s Point Defiance park while a mother and her kids avoid crossing a small stream, learn what to look at while at the movie theater (here’s a hint: it’s not the movie) and ride along with our heroes as they brave Revolution #9 (#9, #9, #9…).

But wait! There’s more than drugs in this episode. Did I mention theft of a bear? How about crappy equipment, Sean’s perilous journey back to the fire, us making enough noise to clear the city of Parkland, charred pork products and someone taking a bet on said pork product? All this and more as we live through another jam packed podcast! But that’s not all because there is more that I can’t even remember! That’s how good this one is!

Songs in this episode:

  • Black Lizard Night (From the album Monster Pieces)
Footbridge Troll
Pedal Issues
Fucking Noise
Burnt Pig Head
Wah Wah Pedal
Tell it from the mountain: