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Does anyone remember the year 1991? We do and clearly from the title of this episode we talk about it. What do we ramble on about that has to do with 1991? Well, all the great (and not-so-great) records that came out. Records that changed the world! The world and elsewhere! Listen to the thrilling reading of the list by Scott! Look on in awe as we mention Neil Diamond AND Barry Manilow in the same hour!

There’s also talk about haircuts and mustaches, organs and keyboards appearing where they shouldn’t, Diamond Dave retiring from his ego, Buzz Osborne once again being a dick to the mighty Matt Lukin, and the lack of seatbelts when listening to some of these records. Check out this one and see if we mention anything of relevance to your life of 1991! Or not! I have more exclamation points!!!

Songs in this episode:

  • Twitch N’ Writhe (From the album Wally)
David Lee Roth
Tell it from the mountain: