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Every once in a while an episode will come along that changes the fabric of our society so radically that it alters our perception of the world around us. This isn’t that episode. This episode is about time and space: the time and space around our first gig, time and space inside our van, time and space inside our heads. You won’t need drugs for this episode (but it can’t hurt). So come on along!

Yes, we talk about our first gig again. But this time we have the one, the only, Mr. Tony “Never Stop Playing Even If Your Kick Drum Pedal Breaks” Nyitray! But that isn’t all! Oh no, not by a long shot. We talk about our van. AGAIN! We talk about the scene, what we ate after shows, trying to find the Washington Hall in three cars with no GPS, Bob from Seaweed! We have it all! That’s why you need this episode.

Songs in this episode:

  • Beat My Head Against The Wall (From a practice in ’93)
Northwest Metal
The Road Toad
Peanut Butter Whiskey
Cover Songs
Shitty Practice Tape
Tell it from the mountain: