Episode 2.9 – It Came From 1991

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Does anyone remember the year 1991? We do and clearly from the title of this episode we talk about it. What do we ramble on about that has to do with 1991? Well, all the great (and not-so-great) records that came out. Records that changed the world! The world and elsewhere! Listen to the thrilling… Read more »

Episode 2.8 – Maybe They Don’t Want The Blame

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Every once in a while an episode will come along that changes the fabric of our society so radically that it alters our perception of the world around us. This isn’t that episode. This episode is about time and space: the time and space around our first gig, time and space inside our van, time… Read more »

Episode 2.7 – I Have Two Twenty-Five Centses

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Hamms Beer Bear

Drugs: you know I love ’em! We reminisce about them in this episode, in particular LSD. Thrill to the spectacle of a guy laying across a footbridge at Tacoma’s Point Defiance park while a mother and her kids avoid crossing a small stream, learn what to look at while at the movie theater (here’s a… Read more »

Episode 2.6 – Stinky Feber Presents…

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John Ledington

Guess what? It’s special guest time once more! For this one we got the mighty John Ledington to appear (well, not literally appear, we are still in a pandemic after all) right in your ears. John tells us all about his life at Yelm High School, living life under the sea while making food for… Read more »

Episode 2.5 – It Was Probably Five Dollars

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Tony at Washington Hall

Ever wonder what our first real rock show was like? You wouldn’t be the first but you may be the last because we finally talk about it here, on this podcast! Shocking, isn’t it? You thought we’d never get there but here we are. It was all thanks to us being, uh, meticulous. That’s right,… Read more »

Sidetracks – The Ramblin’ Guys (Part 1)

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Ramblin Guy

If you ever cared to know what we were into when we were kids, this is the episode to listen to. Or some of the other podcasts from this series. But this one is the definitive episode to listen to. I would never steer you wrong. I guess. What I do know is this Sidetrack… Read more »

Episode 2.4 – Mudtallica

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Scott's Flannel

Here we are again, still in the pandemic and doing our best to practice social distancing while bringing you another exciting episode of Feedback And Forth. What’s on the docket this time, you ask (I can’t actually hear you but I assume everyone’s asking that question)? Well, we talk about a night that changed our… Read more »

Episode 2.3 – They Paid For Punctuality

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Be Punctual

Wait, do we have a special caller?! We do! We’re back and blabbering on about stuff in this new episode (I guess that depends on when you actually listen to this). Highlights(?) of this episode include our remote guest, cover songs that we managed to play live, others not so fortunate and still more that… Read more »

Sidetracks: Metal Shop (Part 3)

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Baron Rojo

Here we are, the final installment of this series of Sidetracks: Metal Shop Part 3. Did we talk more about Steve Slaten? Damn right we did! Did he play Emma Peel by The Allies? Probably not. Mike, as usual, is getting it mixed up with something else. In this episode we talk about a band… Read more »

Sidetracks – Metal Shop (Part 2)

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Did you know that Scott created a list for this series of Sidetracks? Of course you didn’t! I just uploaded this episode! He references it, which is good because if he didn’t we’d run out of topics and it would’ve been a waste of his time. Twisted Sister, Queensryche, Culprit, and more metal than you… Read more »