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Baron Rojo

Here we are, the final installment of this series of Sidetracks: Metal Shop Part 3. Did we talk more about Steve Slaten? Damn right we did! Did he play Emma Peel by The Allies? Probably not. Mike, as usual, is getting it mixed up with something else. In this episode we talk about a band Scott’s apparently obsessed with: Blotto. Who were they? No one knows. Well, we clearly don’t at any rate. He talks about a song he remembers (is that possible?). We also talk about Perennial, a local band only some recall. Also discussed is whether or not the 90s local bands listened to Metal Shop, let alone metal.

Further on the docket is Deep Purple. Remember when they got back together in the 80s? We do and talk about the reunion and album as well as their amazing career of great songs and revolving band members. There’s also talk about our friends from Confused?!’s previous metal bands and the amazing names they had in said bands. It’s all here: metal, metal and metal. The Pacific Northwest and its relationship with metal is a subject (it really is). Give the horns and crank out this loud (?) podcast of metal!

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  1. Justin & Robin

    SMASH! Thanks for the shout outs, you guys rock! Keep it up! \m/