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Did you know that Scott created a list for this series of Sidetracks? Of course you didn’t! I just uploaded this episode! He references it, which is good because if he didn’t we’d run out of topics and it would’ve been a waste of his time. Twisted Sister, Queensryche, Culprit, and more metal than you can shake a tire iron at. Steve Slaton is mentioned again, and why not! We also discuss the letter Scott wrote to Metal Shop i.e. Steve Slaton.

We also play “Do You Remember This Band?” where Scott asks Mike (me) if he (I) remembers any of the bands he (Scott) mentions. Do you remember Mama’s Boys? If not, why not?! We also find out that Ronnie James Dio’s cousin was in a band (and it wasn’t even Dio). Plus, OZZY!!!!! Plus plus, even though we talk about radio, for some reason only known to us, we talk about magazines. Wolf’s department store, Krokus, Raven, we cover it all!!! If you need a shot of metal, you need to listen to this episode, as well as the previous one, and hell, even the next one. METAL SHOP!!!

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  1. Susan

    “A Letter from the Devil” needs to be made into a short film documentary about that anti-metal time period. Pretty funny!