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Does anyone out there remember Metal Shop?! No, I don’t mean the elective class you could take in high school. We’re talking the radio program that started in the 80s on the mighty KISW, Seattle’s Best Rock! That’s right, we take a trip down memory (what the hell is that?!) lane with this pandemic era offering. Join us as we recount our first listenings of this classic show where they, surprisingly, play metal. We discuss the bands we remember hearing either for the first time or for the second+ time.

Did you know that Motörhead’s I Got Mine was the theme song for a while? Well you’ll find that out in this episode (even though I already told you). You’ll also hear us talk about local metal bands in the 80s, national metal bands, international metal bands. Hell, we even talk about Twisted Sister! Kick back in quarantine fashion and listen to the odd sounding audio. Have a drink while listening to Mike blab on about how he could only get this to work by micing his phone (he got this to work with Tony in a previous episode) and why he had trouble. Riveting!

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