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Tall Toad

In this action packed episode that zig zags wilder than Jim Rockford’s evasive car driving, we talk all things early Tall Toad. From Scott’s foray into immersive theater with Dan to early gear that sort of survived our manic playing styles. While more or less staying around 1989, we zoom all over the place talking about our time playing on an air force base (like Spinal Tap), record stores in Olympia and also our friend Todd’s large bedroom practice space.

All band jams, lots of Rainier beer and weed, hemp necklaces, beaded necklaces: we got it all in this episode! This particular episode should really be dedicated to the memory of Todd’s parents’ sanity, which we weekly put through the ringer. Rock ‘n’ roll your way with us through this high octane installment. Nothing says “What the hell?!” more than this one, folks.

Songs in this episode:

  • Flopsweat (From the album Wally)
Drama Club
Battered gear
Music 6000
Rainy Day records
The Toad has landed
Tell it from the mountain: