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In this, the final installment (?), we discuss the seventies KISS where they were surrounded by mystery and nobody knew what they actually looked like, and the eighties KISS where no one seemed to care anymore. Even when they announced in the mid 80s that they were going to appear without makeup, most people didn’t care, including your intrepid podcasters. Oh, KISS. And yes, we’re well aware of the fact that this was recorded BEFORE Episode 2.1 but came out AFTER that episode. This is how we roll.

And what about the post makeup KISS? Oh, don’t worry, we talk about that too. We talk about the Lick It Up video, in all its “glory”. Trust me, the quotes are very much needed here. We also cover the reunion that we had waited years and years for, the KISS tribute album from the 90s, the Melvins (of course) and more. You wanted the best and you got the best … podcast that’s the third part of a three part podcast about a band they liked a lot!

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