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Tall Toad Yeah!

A new season AND a new theme song, with drums recorded at a distant location by the amazing Cesar Molina at Cave Rec Studio in downtown Las Vegas. Besides telling the thrilling story of how this song came to be and whatnot, we also cover our heroes aimless wanderings both alone and eventually together, narrow escapes from shady apartment complexes, playing our first show together, what we thought of the movie Leviathan, local shopping malls, and even the Ramones.

But that’s not all! We also tell the uplifting tale of how the name Tall Toad came to be. Truly inspiring. We even throw in some wood grain drum sets, Datsuns that saved the day, Sean and Todd (if you haven’t been listening to the show and don’t know who these guys are, shame on you), and some good old fashioned ramblings. All for free!

Songs in this episode:

  • Jello-Face (From the album Wally)
The Freak Brothers
Datsun B210
Clearing rooms
Cookware drums
The Rocket
Tell it from the mountain: