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KISS Dynasty

So what do you do when you’re a band on top of the world and you’ve got several platinum selling albums? You all put out solo records, of course. We discuss this weird and unexpected sidetrack in this episode of Sidetracks. From Ace’s far superior album to Gene’s sad collection of weak sounding wax. Why wouldn’t John Lennon and Paul McCartney get back together to be on Gene’s album? I suppose if they were into disco…

We also delve into the glittery era of KISS (Gene finally got his way) with Dynasty. Which leads to the two coolest members leaving, one by one, although Ace stuck around for their “concept” album. Why? Nobody knows. Find out how we both maneuvered in this new KISS territory and how we felt about this change in their trajectory. Something tells me it doesn’t go as well. From Unmasked to Music From The Elder and finally Creatures Of The Night, we give a blow-by-blow of the KISS car with wobbly wheels and how they clearly drove it off the cliff into the ocean, like an episode of The Rockford Files.

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