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Early KISS

What can you say about KISS that KISS hasn’t already said? Not a lot. Or so you would think. In this new series called Sidetracks, we take a subject that we would probably get sidetracked on (hence Sidetracks) and we discuss it at length, for about 15 – 30 minutes. Thus allowing us to stay on track during the normal podcast. One would hope. So this is number 1, but as you can see it says Part 1. It makes you wonder what’s in Part 2. Or maybe you’re screaming “Oh god, how many Sidetracks are there about KISS?!”. Keep listening to find out.

In this, our very first Sidetrack, we cover KISS. Obviously. It says it in the title. Geez. Moving on, we cover how we each first heard of them and when the first listen happened. We also talk about their early days and even KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park, a not-nominated-for-an-Emmy TV movie made at the height of their career. I know you’re probably thinking “Wow!”, but don’t “Wow!” yet because there’s even more! What is it?! Hit the play button and find out…

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