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Scott's Flannel

Here we are again, still in the pandemic and doing our best to practice social distancing while bringing you another exciting episode of Feedback And Forth. What’s on the docket this time, you ask (I can’t actually hear you but I assume everyone’s asking that question)? Well, we talk about a night that changed our lives forever and made us talk about it for weeks on end, to the annoyance of everyone outside of our circle of friends: LAME FEST ’89!

We give you a blow by blow run down of arriving at the show, that thing Kurdt did with his hair, a bass guitar in the ass of a prick of a security guard, the moon rising halfway through the show (you might ask how that can happen at an indoor show), and wonderful chaos that happened when the security got a taste of their own medicine. So sit back, grab a beer and your stash, and listen up you bastards!

Songs in this episode:

  • Cleverfool (From the album Monster Pieces)
Lame Fest '89
Tony The Songwriter
Tell it from the mountain: