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The Melvins

In Episode 1.6, we discuss all things Melvins related. Well, all sorts of things that related to us and the influence they made on us, young lads from Yelm and whatnot. The first time we saw them live, first albums heard/purchased, encounters with punk rock, Buzz’s afro, Dale and his underwear, Matt Lukin. All this and more in Episode 1.6, The Sidetrack.

Songs included in this one are Suburbs In Vacuum (a low-fi boombox recording from a practice in ’95) and the third and final recording of Mollusk Blanket that would have appeared on an album called This Could Get Ugly circa ’97, had we the cash to put the album out. Enjoy!

Songs in this episode:

  • Suburbs In Vacuum (Intro and Outro)(Practice recording from a cassette recorder)
  • Mollusk Blanket (From the album This Could Get Ugly)
Buzz Osborne
Crescent Ballroom, Tacoma WA
Community World Theater
The Melvins - Dale
Matt Lukin
Tell it from the mountain:

2 Responses to “Episode 1.6 – The Sidetrack”

  1. Rev. Rif

    community world theatre, 56th and M street. admission was 5.00 or 2.00 and a food donation for the food bank. I saw some great shows there, there’s some Dana adventures there, so on and so forth…

  2. Black Cats

    Mollusk Blanket. I swear as God is my witness I’ve slept in one. I can’t believe it.