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Fossil Rock

Hey, why is there a picture of a rock over there? Does it signify how much we rocked? Or some other corny euphemism? In Episode 1.7, we talk about that (I’ll tell you now, it’s Fossil Rock) and many other things that center around our years in Yelm. Why, you ask? Well, why not, I answer. But it’s not just rocks, there’s also sand in this episode and vertigo inducing excitement!

We also present a group ode to that little town from us and our friends Diplomatic Immunity and Velvet Rain (or were they still Morbid Youth?) called Where The Hell Is Yelm?. Listen and you shall find out what else we did in our spare time. You might even learn a lesson or two about various… things.

Songs in this episode:

  • Malachi Crunch (Intro and Outro)(From the album Tall Toad)
  • Where The Hell Is Yelm? (From the split single of the same name)
Alligator Bob
Fossil Rock
Kegger Party
Sand Pits
Under A Shed
Tell it from the mountain:

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