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Tony at Washington Hall

Ever wonder what our first real rock show was like? You wouldn’t be the first but you may be the last because we finally talk about it here, on this podcast! Shocking, isn’t it? You thought we’d never get there but here we are. It was all thanks to us being, uh, meticulous. That’s right, meticulous. I said it and you can’t deny it because we may or may not have been just that. Also punctual.

We talk about the drive. Not the drive to perform but the actual drive to Seattle. Hear the thrilling tale about the freeway and downtown Seattle. I’m just going to mention Seattle again! How were we before we went on? Listen and find out! How was Giant Henry (aka Unwound (R.I.P. Vern Rumsey))? What did I just say about listening?! Did we power through without making mistakes? Dammit, I told you to listen!! Celebrate this historic event! Cringe at some things I won’t mention here! ROCK OUT, YOU HEATHENS!

Songs in this episode:

  • Hellhole (Live from the show)
First Show Flyer
Hear The Rock!
Joel Moshing
Take That, Bass!
Scott & John
Joel's Middle Finger
Tell it from the mountain:

One Response to “Episode 2.5 – It Was Probably Five Dollars”

  1. Susan

    Holy crap! That was hysterical. You should hear me, I’m still belly laughing. Hell Joel, if I was there I would have slammed. I can see all of this, especially scratching Tall Toads name high up on the bathroom wall. Gave me flashbacks.