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John Ledington

Guess what? It’s special guest time once more! For this one we got the mighty John Ledington to appear (well, not literally appear, we are still in a pandemic after all) right in your ears. John tells us all about his life at Yelm High School, living life under the sea while making food for a bunch of guys stuck inside a metal cylinder, playing in his several bands, what he did after some of those several bands, and dishin’ on Tony (I’m kidding!)(Or am I?).

Another amazing thing about John: he put on two of our first three shows! Oh, you better believe we talk about those (if we didn’t, what the hell would be the point of this podcast?!), plus other shows. And it doesn’t stop there (although you may wish it did)! We talk about drink tickets, the Rocket directory, punk rock, Mark Tatum’s legendary punk rock induced stitches, and so much more!!!

Songs in this episode:

  • Al Bullard (From the album Slappywhite by Slappywhite)
John & Tony Show
Washington Hall
Joel Moshing
Shattered Toilet
Free Drink Ticket
The Rocket Directory
Tell it from the mountain:

One Response to “Episode 2.6 – Stinky Feber Presents…”

  1. Susan

    That was a lot of fun. I made believe I was there. Wish I witnessed the broken toilet. The night of blood crusted face and missing wallet sounds like you’ve lived a life worth livin’. Nothing brings pleasure like remembering good times like that. I also hope you have John Ledington back on. Between the three of you, you may be able to piece together the puzzle of what really happened. What is it with the PNW?