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Return Of The Enchilada Man

In this episode we talk about concerts in the 80s, among other subjects. These include attempts to see Ozzy, a lackluster Judas Priest performance, another Maiden gig, and the infamous Metallica show in ’86 where our friend Vince … maybe you should listen to the story. Find out if we were able to get backstage, thanks to Ed Bergh’s friend Goose! Did Vince rage on the stage? Listen and find out!

A special surprise also awaits you upon listening. What is it? Why would I tell you if I just told you to listen and find out?! Stop asking me already! We also discuss the John & Tony show, which landed while we were in high school. Did you know there were tables of cliques at Yelm high school? Learn all about the table of weird people that we occasionally hung out at. It’s another action packed, thrilling episode. Buckle up and get ready to fly through our ramblings!

Songs in this episode:

  • Skunkbutt (From the album Waltzin’ The Geezer)
Yelm Punks
Metallica '86
Two Rogues
Judas Priest
Tell it from the mountain: