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Trepanning In The D.E.D. Zone

Have you ever tried being a serious musician with a 20-watt amplifier? If you have, we feel your pain because we’ve both been there. If you haven’t, it’s a pain, trust me. We cover that and other equipment related misfortunes.

But that isn’t all! In this extra long episode we also talk about Trepan’s awesome logo and name, the hell we got from parents because of our love of loud and obnoxious music, Trepan’s first and only gig, the D.E.D. Zone, our first attempts at writing songs, and much, much more.

Songs in this episode:

  • Jesus Side Of Winter (Intro and Outro)(From the album Waltzin’ The Geezer)
Gibson Moderne
First Gig
The D.E.D. Zone
No Long Hair In My House!
The Trepan Logo
Writing Our First Songs
Tell it from the mountain:

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