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Mummies And Dragons

What were shows like in the 80s? What were the first shows we saw, even if they did nothing to inspire us to rock? How about the shows the DID inspire us to Rock? And what did Fred do that one time? All this and more will be covered in this episode. Well, we can’t vouch for the “more” you might be thinking of. Only our own “more”.

We don’t sidetrack ourselves too bad in this one. We do a little, don’t you worry. I’m not going to give anything else away. Except, of course, about the mummy and dragon. You already figured that one out, you intrepid and thoughtful reader! So have at it!

Songs in this episode:

  • Crummy (Intro and Outro)(From the album Quilt With Ease)
  • Best One Yet (From the album Wally)
The Machine
Eddie & Iron Maiden
Dio & the dragon
The Shoppe
Concert pat down
Concert pot smoke
Tell it from the mountain:

2 Responses to “Episode 1.4 – Mummies & Dragons”

  1. Jergin Jergins

    I’ve already erased a long winded review of this podcast and instead will just rattle off a couple of things. First of all good job. I am laughing out loud. Second and lastly, If I recall there was a photo of the aforementioned freedom “something” band in the annual. You know when they have a bunch of space and they just fill it with random crap? I don’t know what year that was so anyways It would be a way for you to clear up that lingering mystery. That is – if you have annuals. My memory votes Freedom Jam.

  2. Rev. Rif

    Keep it up fellas this is pretty great stuff! It probably makes more sense to those of us that were there with you guys at the the time , but it probably just as well strikes a chord within anyone who was young, rebellious, and chased the dream of music.