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Whatever Happened To Punk Rock

In this episode, we’re joined by a special guest: none other than Tony “The Whacka-mole Hammer” Nyitray. We discuss old gear, various practice spaces, fire, Yelm bands that created a “scene”, whether or not we were polite (We weren’t. We were punctual.), our first gigs, and talk about our friend Joel who got a song named after him. By us!

As usual, we talk about Yelm and take many meandering sidetracks down hazy memory lane. Once again, Brooks Martin gets a mention and so does his missing P.A. system. So sit back and grab a listen to this extra long, rambling episode. Hopefully it all makes sense.

Songs in this episode:

  • Gingerbread Man (Intro and Outro)(From the EP Where The Hell Is Yelm?)
  • Joel (From the album Tall Toad)
  • Joel (Live on KAOS (Bedbugs))
Tony's drum sets
Coop poop
Diplomatic Immunity
The Rocket directory
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