Episode 1.9 – Return Of The Enchilada Man

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Return Of The Enchilada Man

In this episode we talk about concerts in the 80s, among other subjects. These include attempts to see Ozzy, a lackluster Judas Priest performance, another Maiden gig, and the infamous Metallica show in ’86 where our friend Vince … maybe you should listen to the story. Find out if we were able to get backstage,… Read more »

Episode 1.8 – What’s This One Called?

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Whats This One Called

Imagine if we were able to actually make the movie we wanted to make. Part Magical Mystery Tour, part something-even-stranger, Wind Gods was supposed to be an odyssey, a road trip if you will. But that isn’t the only thing we talk about, not by a long shot. We talk more about our first songs,… Read more »

Episode 1.7 – Meet Alligator Bob

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Fossil Rock

Hey, why is there a picture of a rock over there? Does it signify how much we rocked? Or some other corny euphemism? In Episode 1.7, we talk about that (I’ll tell you now, it’s Fossil Rock) and many other things that center around our years in Yelm. Why, you ask? Well, why not, I… Read more »

Episode 1.6 – The Sidetrack

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In Episode 1.6, we discuss all things Melvins related. Well, all sorts of things that related to us and the influence they made on us, young lads from Yelm and whatnot. The first time we saw them live, first albums heard/purchased, encounters with punk rock, Buzz’s afro, Dale and his underwear, Matt Lukin. All this… Read more »

Episode 1.5 – Trepanning In The D.E.D. Zone

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Have you ever tried being a serious musician with a 20-watt amplifier? If you have, we feel your pain because we’ve both been there. If you haven’t, it’s a pain, trust me. We cover that and other equipment related misfortunes. But that isn’t all! In this extra long episode we also talk about Trepan’s awesome… Read more »

Episode 1.4 – Mummies & Dragons

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What were shows like in the 80s? What were the first shows we saw, even if they did nothing to inspire us to rock? How about the shows the DID inspire us to Rock? And what did Fred do that one time? All this and more will be covered in this episode. Well, we can’t… Read more »

Episode 1.3 – Whatever Happened To Punk Rock

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In this episode, we’re joined by a special guest: none other than Tony “The Whacka-mole Hammer” Nyitray. We discuss old gear, various practice spaces, fire, Yelm bands that created a “scene”, whether or not we were polite (We weren’t. We were punctual.), our first gigs, and talk about our friend Joel who got a song… Read more »

Episode 1.2 – KISS Cards For A Dollar

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In this action packed episode we discuss how we both got into music, the travels to purchase the stacks of wax, KISS cards purchased at an absurdly low price, Brooks Martin, lyrics given to Melvins, weird leather jackets, shopping carts neglecting to sprout wings causing Icarus to fall to Earth, Spinal Tap, and for some… Read more »

Episode 1.1 – Tony Masters The Quarter Stroke

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Tony Masters The Quarter Stroke

In this episode we introduce ourselves, explore the end of Tall Toad, give a very brief history of the band, continually get sidetracked, and drop several names of people and bands that have no idea who we are. Rainier beer is also consumed, as well as hazy memories dredged up to entice you to listen… Read more »