Episode 2.3 – They Paid For Punctuality

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Be Punctual

Wait, do we have a special caller?! We do! We’re back and blabbering on about stuff in this new episode (I guess that depends on when you actually listen to this). Highlights(?) of this episode include our remote guest, cover songs that we managed to play live, others not so fortunate and still more that… Read more »

Sidetracks: Metal Shop (Part 3)

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Baron Rojo

Here we are, the final installment of this series of Sidetracks: Metal Shop Part 3. Did we talk more about Steve Slaten? Damn right we did! Did he play Emma Peel by The Allies? Probably not. Mike, as usual, is getting it mixed up with something else. In this episode we talk about a band… Read more »

Sidetracks – Metal Shop (Part 2)

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Did you know that Scott created a list for this series of Sidetracks? Of course you didn’t! I just uploaded this episode! He references it, which is good because if he didn’t we’d run out of topics and it would’ve been a waste of his time. Twisted Sister, Queensryche, Culprit, and more metal than you… Read more »

Sidetracks – Metal Shop (Part 1)

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Does anyone out there remember Metal Shop?! No, I don’t mean the elective class you could take in high school. We’re talking the radio program that started in the 80s on the mighty KISW, Seattle’s Best Rock! That’s right, we take a trip down memory (what the hell is that?!) lane with this pandemic era… Read more »

Episode 2.2 – Zig Zaggin’ Through ’89

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Tall Toad

In this action packed episode that zig zags wilder than Jim Rockford’s evasive car driving, we talk all things early Tall Toad. From Scott’s foray into immersive theater with Dan to early gear that sort of survived our manic playing styles. While more or less staying around 1989, we zoom all over the place talking… Read more »

Sidetracks – KISS (Part 3)

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In this, the final installment (?), we discuss the seventies KISS where they were surrounded by mystery and nobody knew what they actually looked like, and the eighties KISS where no one seemed to care anymore. Even when they announced in the mid 80s that they were going to appear without makeup, most people didn’t… Read more »

Episode 2.1 – He Used To Be A Drum Machine

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Tall Toad Yeah!

A new season AND a new theme song, with drums recorded at a distant location by the amazing Cesar Molina at Cave Rec Studio in downtown Las Vegas. Besides telling the thrilling story of how this song came to be and whatnot, we also cover our heroes aimless wanderings both alone and eventually together, narrow… Read more »